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№ 161 - Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

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Sochi Discovery World Aquarium Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

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Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
354367 , Krasnodar region, Sochi, Lenin street, 219A / 4
GPS: 43°28'18.59"N, 39°53'48.35"E

+7 (862) 246-33-56, +7 (862) 246-35-85 Daily from 10:00 till 18:00

Address: 354367 , Krasnodar region, Sochi, Lenin street, 219A / 4 Russia

The largest aquarium in Russia — Sochi Discovery World Aquarium® was opened in Sochi.

On the territory of 6000 square meters there are 30 aquariums, a total of 5 million liters of water. Feel like Neptune next to the aquarium, where colorful fish swim. Enjoy a sea star, passing through the tunnel, where the corals are sparkling and the huge shark floats.
The entire exposition of the Sochi Dicovery World Aquarium fascinates by the gently splashing freshwater "lakes", bridges, "wild" forests, rocks and waterfalls: in this filigree frame the Jewelry of Russia's largest collection of the best, most beautiful works of nature look particularly fascinating.
So, the first aquarium exhibition is dedicated to freshwater fish. One of the peculiarities of the freshwater zone is a waterfall in a tropical forest, which visitors will enjoy much and feel the atmosphere of, passing by the bridge across the pond. The open ponds are inhabited by the spectacular carp "Koi". In the aquariums you will see over 100 species of freshwater fishes of the Amazon and Ecuador to Australia. Some of them are piranhas, discus, cyclides, gourami and many more.
Further, there is a room for the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, which includes 13 small Aquariums and a flowery tunnel. The largest tank contains almost 3 million l, its length is 44 meters!

It is an incomparable feeling - to be surrounded with water on three sides. And behind the glass which seems to be fragile (actually, its thickness is almost 17 centimeters) there are the beautiful plants, shipwrecks, reefs and rocks, and what is the most important is that sea inhabitants look at people indifferently. They are deep in their daily routine. The touching idyll is abruptly broken by the "Shark Tale", a slowly approaching shark. The Nurse shark is not the only shark in the aquarium: there are cat and reef sharks. She is never alone, being constantly accompanied by the fussing flocks of yellow pilots - they clean her white skin, and she in turn protects them from enemies. No wonder that aquarium inhabitants respectfully step aside during her shows.
All the visitors do enjoy the play of the seahorses, Unicorn Tang, Arothron, the cow-fish, the Longspined porcupinefish, the surgeon-fish, all kinds of stingrays and catfish from microscopic size to the giant. The aquarists and qualified divers maintain a clean, healthy climate and just a good mood among inhabitants of the Oceanarium.

Impressions obtained while visiting the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium will stay with you for life. You will want to share emotions with your dearest and again and again return to the underwater kingdom.