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№ 124 - Semikarakorsk ceramics

Website GPS: 47°31'7.35"N, 40°48'36.46"N Nearest TS
Semikarakorsk ceramics Semikarakorsk ceramics
Semikarakorsk ceramics

How to get?

So far you can get this TS only by post, if you will prove your visit of this particular tourist destination. For more details please go to the How to get TS section. 

Address: 346630, Rostov region, Semikarakorsk, Lenina street, 132 Russia

"Semikarakorsk ceramics" ("Aksinya" LTD) - is an unique cultural phenomenon of the lower Don. They present a variety of hand-painted porcelain souvenirs and cookware denoted to the Cossack, Orthodox and other topics. Member of the the association of "Folk arts and crafts of Russia". The stamp shows a unique teapot "Bogatyr" a height of 2 meters and weight about one tonne.