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Totma. 1137. The Salt of the Russian land
Totma. 1137. The Salt of the Russian land
It was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1137 as the pogost of Todma. It was founded by Novgorodians, who used the Sukhona as the main waterway leading to the north and eventually to the White Sea. Included in the list of the most valuable ancient historical cities of Russia.
Address:  161300, Vologodsk region, Totma, Urickogo street, 1
Where to buy:  161300, Vologodsk region, Totma, Urickoho street, 1
Kaliningrad. 1225. Before 1946 - Kenigsberg.
Kaliningrad. 1225. Before 1946 - Kenigsberg.
Kaliningrad (until July 4, 1946 - Kenigsberg) - a city in Russia, administrative center of Kaliningrad Region. The most western regional Russian center. Located at the inflow of the river Pregel in Kaliningrad Bay.
Address:  Kaliningrad region, Kaliningrad
Where to buy:  Kaliningrad region, Kaliningrad, Peter the Great embankment, 1
Wiki GPS: 54°56'44.30"N, 20°09'39.40"E On the map Nearest TS
Prior to 1946 known by its German name Rauschen. Is a resort town, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea on the Sambia Peninsula, 39 kilometers (24 mi) northwest of Kaliningrad.
Address:  238563, Kaliningrad region, Svetlogorsk
Where to buy:  238563, Kaliningrad region, Svetlogorsk, Lenin street, 11
Vladivostok. 1860. Capital of Primorye
Vladivostok. 1860. Capital of Primorye
Vladivostok (founded in 1860) - the city and the largest port in the Far East of Russia, capital of Primorsky Krai, the end point of Trans-Siberian Railway. The name is derived from word "Own" and "East". In ancient times the territory of modern Vladivostok was part of the Bohai State (698 - 926 years).
Address:  Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok
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