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The team of The team of "Razdorsky ethnographic museum" presents new Tourist Stamps dedicated to one of the most remarkable and famous Cossack areas - stanitsa Razdorskaya, and khutor Puhlyakovsky. These areas were settled five thousand years BC, Razdory was the first capital of Don Cossacks. Here lived the famous writer Anatoly Veniaminovich Kalinin. There is a magical Island of Love nearby Razdorsky. Come here and you'll discover a lot of mysteries!

Congratulation to the first collector, who've visited ten tourist sites and bought consecutive ten Tourist Stamps! Happy owner of the first Premium Tourist Stamp N 11 became a resident of Novocherkassk Elena Ilyina.
Elena has shared her impressions: "I love to travel. When I've visited the Ataman's palace in Novocherkassk, I wanted to leave a pleasant memory of it - and it was my first lovely Toursit Stamp. They are so nice and cozy! Now I will travel with even more desire. Tourism via collecting has become my passion. Thanks a lot for such a great idea and for the premium Stamp, of course"

We are also grateful Elena for her kind words and happy that Tourist Stamps brings a joy.


Dear visitors, tourists and collectors!

We introduce three new stamps of one of the oldest city in Russia - Azov. The city has a very interesting history and a lot of interesting sites and views. Here are new stamps

№ 125 - Azov. 1067. Meotic-Scythian settlements from I-III BC

№ 126 - Ramparts with Alexis Gates. Azov

№ 127 - Gun powder cellar. 1799. Azov.

Dear visitors, collectors and tourists!

We a happy to announce three new stamps in the interesting location on the South of Russia. You want to see the ex-Soviet Military Command Post, or you'd like to visit the Custom in Russia during XIX centuries (inside the underground cave, by the way!) or, maybe, you'd like to observe the beautiful nature around the museums, please don't miss those interesting points:

№ 117 - Russian Postal Station of XIX century

№ 118 - The Custom outpost. Aksay

№ 119 - Aksay historic military complex

WebMoney logoDear tourists and visitors! Now we accept the WebMoney electronic payments. It is fast, easy and secure.

We are very pleased to inform you that you can buy all Tourist Stamps of Novocherkassk at accredited sell places:

Museum of the History of the Don Cossacks sells stamps 100, 101, 103 and 104;

Ataman's Palace sells stamps  102 and 106;

Grekov's House-Museum sells stamps 105 and 109;

Krylov's House-Museum sells stamps 107 and 108.


For the Worldwide orders we now accept PayPal. Simple and fast way to order Russian Tourist Stamps.

Even if you've visited the place long time ago we can send Russian Tourist Stamps to you via post.

We send Russian Tourist Stamps worldwide from the EU and we send Russian Tourist Stamps as well within the Russia.

Dear visitors! All Russian Tourist Stamps have different sides - one side is the Stamp by itself and the reverse side indicates different regions.

This feature makes Russian Tourist Stamps very different from the stamps of other countries where Stamps usually have the same picture on both sides and only occasionally will be different.

Dear visitors, tourist and collectors. There are already 33 Russian Tourist Stamps ready to be purchased!
Even if you've visited the place long time ago we will be happy to send the Tourist Stamps to you.

For now we have one Moscow Stamp, one St-Petersburg Stamp, 18 Don Cossacks Stamps, 11 Kaliningrad Stamps, one Baikal and one Vladivostok Stamp. As well we prepared for you two Premium Stamps as a gift for your collection.

We send Russian Tourist Stamps worldwide from the EU and we send Russian Tourist Stamps as well within the Russia.