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Tsimlyansk Seaside Park Favorite place for citizens and guests became Tsimlyansk Seaside Park, a picturesque location on the banks of the Lake. Is a national monument of history, architecture and urban planning. The style of the ensemble - the Byzantine neoclassicism.

Tsimlyansk hydroelectric dam. 1952. The largest construction from the sand. With the help of a large hydroelectric dam the Tsimlyansk Lake was created which is used primarily for water transport, irrigation and water supply. Hydroelectric dam Tsimlyanskaya actually is the lowest of the Volga-Don Canal. It is in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest construction from the sand.

Tsimlyanskaya, 1672. In 834 year it was a Khazar fortress Sarkel, in 965 Prince Svyatoslav of Kiev destroyed it, and founded the Russian fortress of White Tower. In more recent times, seven kilometres from the old location has arisen new Tsimla. Since 1672 it is known as the Cossack village of Ust-Tsimla later Tsimlyanskaya village. It is very famous as the Cradle of the Don winemaking.

Ethno-archaeological complex "The Lost World" Scientists and archaeologists made an outdoor museum of historical reconstruction. Passing through the "Path of History" you make an interactive tour via visiting Stone and Bronze Age villages, pile fishermen lake housings, nomadic sites and Cossack fortification. Perfectly suits for children. Unique natural and scenic area, with its rich flora, fauna and micro-climate.

Museum Museum "Moscow Lights" is located on the Armenian by-street. The museum building represents a rare monument of Russian architecture - the white stone house (late XVII century). In December 1980 on the first floor the new exhibition dedicated to the 250th Anniversary of streetlights in Moscow was opened, which became a base for the "Moscow Lights" museum.

The Vodka Museum. MoscowDear visitors! We are happy to announce the new Tourist Stamp - N31 - Vodka Museum Stamp.

Here you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with centuries-long history of Russian vodka, from its invention to the present day. You will learn how vodka could have influenced the history of Russia. Among 2000 expositions you will see the first XV century distillation unit. You will learn the secrets of vodka production process and it's main ingredients.

Vodka Museum contains as well a restaurant (XIX century decorations) with variations of several brands of vodka.

Dear visitors and tourists! There are already 50 Russian Tourist Stamps!
We hope that our wooden stamps will continue to help you travelling across the Russia and collect your memories about your trips.

Kremlin in Izmailovo. Moscow Dear visitors, tourists and collectors! We introduce new stamp № 30 - Kremlin in Izmailovo. Moscow!

Kremlin in Izmailovo is a unique cultural and entertainment complex which was created according to the drafts and engravings of Tsar's Palace of XVI-XVII centuries. Cheerful holidays, educational tours, master-classes in traditional Russian handcrafts, delicious meals. There are a lot of joyful games for kids, adults can visit numerous museums, young couples can celebrate their wedding here

Space MuseumDear visitors, tourists and collectors! We introduce new stamp 142 - Rostov-on-Don Space Museum.

The only museum in the South of Russia with a wide variety of real space exhibits which was in Space. In addition to the tour (various instruments used in space; Russian spacesuits; suits for special occasions; space-food; control of the "Soyuz" spacecraft), it is possible to view one of the 50 exclusive space moves. In the museum you will make a virtual flight on the spacecraft "Soyuz".

Pavel Skripka collectionWe are pleased to announce that the second Premium Tourist Stamp has received Pavel Skripka from Zaporozhye, Ukraine! Pavel visited the most western part of Russia - Amber Area and collected ten consecutive numbered Tourist Stamps of Kaliningrad. We congratulate Pavel and his family with the addition to his large international collection.

Pavel wrote that is very happy that Tourists Stamps expands internationally and has plans to visit the Rostov region this summer.

We are happy to welcome Zaporozhye Cossacks to visit the land of Don Cossacks!