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№ 1 - International Festival of the ballads songs of "Strings of the Soul"

Each year, Romanovskaya at Volgodonsky District hosting singing poets on the international festival of ballads songs "The strings of the Soul", which is rated as one of the best in Russia on organizational clarity, saturation of the program, and variety of nominations. Come! Open talents! Enjoy the Russian spring in one of the oldest Cossack village just on the bank of the river Don


Sochi Discovery World Aquarium
The largest aquarium in Russia is in Sochi. On the territory of 6000 square meters there are 30 aquariums, a total of 5 million litres of water. Feel like Neptune. Enjoy sea stars, passing through the tunnel, where the corals are sparkling and the huge shark floats. Impressions obtained while visiting the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium will stay with you for life.






Информационный центр Center of international socio-cultural cooperation "Our World" got the status of a regional information center of Tourist Stamps. The center was established by Vasily Vasilyevich Lukyanov. In the photo - his assistant Irina.
In the center you can buy and get detailed information on stamps of Rostov-on-Don, Novocherkassk and Starocherkassk.

344010, Rostov-on-Don,
str. Greeck Volos, 22/96
tel. / fax: +7 863 242-47-72,



Romanovskaya, 1613 yearTown is founded by the Cossack chieftain Smaga Chershensky and named in honour of entering to the Russian throne of Tsar Mikhail Romanov. There are a lot of different festivals carried out here: the all-Russian festival of the bard (author's) songs "The strings of the soul", competition "Children of the Oz", "Brave Don Cossacks" etc.

Local Volgodon Government with New Tourist StampThe Head of the local Volgodonsk district government Svetlana Tcyba and Director of the Museum of the local history Nadezhda Kufilova represent the new Tourist Stamp.





Information Centre of the Taganrog's Tourist StampsDear collectors! We are pleased to announce that the gift shop "Natalie SOUVENIR" has recieved the status of the Information Centre of the Taganrog's Tourist Stamps. It is open daily from 10:00 till 18:00 on Greek street 2.

On the photo CEO Natalia Rodionova presents new tourist stamps of Taganrog.




Dear collectors and tourists!

We have created a new section on our website which is dedicated to rare Tourist Stamps. In this section we will publish news about stamps with errors issued in limited quantity and replaced on the proper stamps later and about technically correct stamps, but which was originally issued in limited quantity (for example, some anniversary stamps).

Stamps with errors, on request, may be purchased from our store, and exchanged on the proper stamps as well.


We are pleased to inform all collectors and tourists that Tourist Stamps of Taganrog and Taganrog Pushkin embankment are now for sale in the gift shop "Natalie SOUVENIR". It is open daily from 10:00 till 18:00 and the address is Taganrog, Greek street 2, Office 1-2.




Dear visitors, travelers and collectors!

We have prepared for you a gift. Now you can easily categorize your collection, sticking miniature of Russian Tourist Stamps in your own personal diary and writing down impressions from the travels.


Tsimlyansk Castle. VII-IX. The first feudal state in Eastern Europe The history of the Khazar Khanate is one of the key themes of the medieval history of Eastern Europe. Khazar Khanate existed about 300 years - since the second half of VII century until the mid-tenth century. It was the first feudal state in Eastern Europe. Ruined castle is now known archaeological monument.