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Help Astrakhan / 08-07-2015

Dear travelers and collectors. We ask you to support issuing 5 New Tourist Stamps in Astrakhan.

For sponsors we have prepared a lot of gifts and gratuities. Among them there are unique limited edition Sponsorship Tourist Stamps (75 pieces).
Each level of your sponsorship has additional remunerations: free tickets, special collector's rug storage, etc.

Thanks everyone for supporting the project!


The Hut of Baba-Yaga. Kukoboy
The main Russian Baba Yaga invites you to pass a lot of tasks and trials. As a reward you will give to drink the water of life. In the Museum, you will see an unusual wooden utensils and furniture. You will find adventures, contests, jokes, games and entertainment, which charge your life batteries! Also, you will learn why Baba Yaga settled exactly in Kukoboy.




The Residence of Her Majesty the Queen of Shrovetide (Maslenitsa). Yaroslavl
Yaroslavl is the place where the most famous Russian Maslenitsa festival is held. The annual event of the Chief Maslenitsa of Russia is held here in the end of winter. The Residence is a unique wooden town recreated according to old designs and documentaries of 1913. In the courtyard there are playgrounds to participate in old Russian games.




Berendey House
Center for the preservation and development of folk traditions and folk arts and crafts "Berendey House" restores the lost historical links and offers interactive entertainment folklore performances. You yourself become a member of the fabulous action. Here you will find old Russian customs and rituals.




Museum-Theatre "Alyosha Yard". Yaroslavl.
Take advantage of a rare opportunity to plunge into the old traditions and the heroic life of the twelfth century! Only here you will meet the epic hero Alyosha Popovich, chat with one of a heroic nature of horse-predictor Julius, meet a mischievous goblin Shabarsha. Here the magic Phoenix bird will fulfil any your secret desire!




An archaeological open air museum "Gorgippia". IV BC - III AD. Anapa.
"Gorgippia" - an archaeological open air museum in the city of Anapa. Shows a part of the Gorgippia ancient city that was in the IV BC - III AD. The total area of the excavation of approximately 2 acres, visible basements and foundations of houses and vineyards, wells, paved streets, a fragment of the fortress wall.




The House of Snow White
In this magical house Snow White lives. You will find a puppet show-fairytale. Snow White will tell you the story of her life and introduce you the mysterious magical items from the Slavic myths and legends. In addition, you can walk into the ice room. Here as well you can talk with the Cat-Bayun, wood goblin, and hobgoblin. Fun for kids and adults.




Krasnodar regional art museum named after Kovalenko
The oldest museum in the North Caucasus. Its founder, Fedor Akimovich Kovalenko, gave the city his collection of paintings, books and archaeological values. Center of artistic life of the city. The museum is constantly growing adding the new piece of arts (icon painting, classical Russian and Western European art, Japanese woodcuts XVIII-XIX, avant-garde art, etc.)