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How can I get the Tourist Stamp

Малый щит

VISIT THE PLACE. Tourist Stamp - is not just a nice souvenir that will remind your journey. The main feature of the Tourist Stamp is that you can get one, ONLY if you've visited the place shown in the Tourist Stamp. Follow you catalogue and find our special emblems in order to buy the Tourist Stamp.


HAVE VISITED, BUT COULD NOT BUY? If you've visited tourist destination from our list and for some reason could not get the Tourist Stamp, we can send them Worldwide if you will prove your visit. As confirmation that you've visited the place, we accept any photos of the Tourist Sight, a copy of the museum's ticket, café's receipt or store bill nearby, etc. Simply send us the number of the particular Stamps you'd like to get.
Put your return address and contact information (phone, e-mail). We send tourist stamps abroad from the EU (Czech Republic) using any of your preferable post company after the 100% prepayment bank transfer to our Czech bank account or after the PayPal payment.

Please contact us for further information.