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№ 113 - "Igor's BattleGround". Pogorelov

Website GPS: 48°12'48.05"N, 40°52'23.88"E Nearest TS
"Igor's BattleGround". Pogorelov "Igor's BattleGround". Pogorelov
"Igor's BattleGround". Pogorelov

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Internetional organisation "Our World"
344010, Rostov region, Rostov-on-Don, Greek Volos street, 22/96
GPS: 47°13'43.53"N, 39°42'47.17"E

Tel: +79281717265

Address: Rostov region, Pogorelov Russia

Ethnographic centre "Igor's battleground" is dedicated to the ancient poem "About the Igor's Regiment" and holds annual readings where the famous battle is simulated. As well this centre has Children's Village, the scene, the wooden fort. All this together with unforgettable Don river terrain immersing you into the atmosphere of the 12th century.