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№ 131 - Alferaki Palace, Museum. 1848. Taganrog

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Alferaki Palace, Museum. 1848. Taganrog Alferaki Palace, Museum. 1848. Taganrog
Alferaki Palace, Museum. 1848. Taganrog

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Taganrog Museum
347900, Rostov region, Taganrog, Glushko street, 13
GPS: 47°12'48.57"N, 38°55'40.22"E

Address: 347900, Rostov region, Taganrog, Glushko street, 13 Russia

Alferaki Palace is a museum in Taganrog, originally the home of rich merchant Nikolay Alferaki. It was built in 1848 by the architect Andrei Stackenschneider in the downtown Taganrog on Frunze Street. The building is decorated with a portal featuring four Corinthian columns and stucco moulding in baroque style. Inside was created suite of rooms, and a spaceous hall with ceiling-painting.

The first owners of the palace were Nikos Alferakis, who was born in Taganrog and his family. Mikhail Shchepkin stayed In Alferaki Palace in July 1863. In 1870s after the Alferaki family went bankrupt, the palace was sold to the Greek merchant Negroponte. Its garden was sold to merchant community. It re-opened as Commercial Assembly. Anton Chekhov (as a student of The Boys Gymnasium) visited concerts given at the commercial club's in 1876, and later mentioned the palace in his novels Ionych, Mask and My life.

From February to April 1918 the mansion became the headquarters of the Soviet Workers' council of Taganrog.

Later during occupation in 1918 it housed German war hospital, and in 1919 - Anton Ivanovich Denikin's staff.

After establishment of Soviet power in Taganrog, the building accommodated various institution, after 1927 it housed the Museum of Regional Studies (founded in 1898 by Anton Chekhov).

During Occupation of Taganrog, the whole collection of Russian art, as well as 339 other objects of art were looted by German occupation authorities.

Alferaki Palace was renovated in 1991-1996 and is now open to public as Museum of Regional Studies, though more commonly known under the name Alferaki Palace.

The spacy hall with amazing acoustics is also used by the Municipality in the official ceremonies, especially the annual ceremony of honoring the best school graduates by the Mayor of Taganrog.