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№ 61 - Solikamsk 1430 year

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Solikamsk 1430 year
Solikamsk 1430 year

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Local History Museum
618540, Perm krai, Solikamsk, naberezhnaya 93
GPS: 59°39'06.8"N, 56°46'26.8"E

+7 (34253)54547, 55229,

Address: 618540, Perm krai, Solikamsk Russia

The earliest surviving recorded mention of Solikamsk, initially as "Usolye-na-Kamskom" (Усолье на Камском) dates from 1430, in connection with the discovery and exploitation by miners and merchants, probably from Vologda, of massive salt deposits on the banks of the Usolka River. The name of the town is derived from the Russian words "соль" (sol, meaning "salt") and "Кама" (Kama River, flowing through the town).

The rapid growth of Solikamsk in the 17th century was predicated on the establishment of the Babinov Road, which was the only overland route leading from European Russia to Siberia. This road started in Solikamsk. The Stroganov family operated the country's largest salt-mining facilities in Solikamsk and the surrounding area. The local saltworks were described in detail by Johann Georg Gmelin. In the mid-17th century Solikamsk also became the first centre of copper casting in Russia.