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About the Tourist Stamp

Tourist Stamp perfect the tourismRussian Stamps

Tourist Stamp is a numbered wooden medal with the burnt image of tourist, cultural and natural heritage: historic towns, museums, monuments, nature reserves, the famous mountain peaks, river and sea resorts, church monuments and many other interesting places.

Tourist Stamps made in Europe from specially selected wood and internationally certified. Making the Tourist Stamp is a creative process with a big involvement of manual work (almost handmade).


Tourist Stamp broadens your mind

Tourist Stamps helps to navigate you among a huge number of tourist sites. It helps you to pre-plan your trip and expand your horizons.

On our website you will find a constantly updated interactive map and detailed description of tourist destinations and their GPS coordinates, a brief historical description and other useful information.


Tourist Stamp is not just a souvenir

Tourist Stamp is not just a nice souvenir that will remind you the journey through the world. The main feature of Toursit Stamp is that you can get one, ONLY after visiting the place shown on the Stamp.


Tourist Stamp is really popular in Europe

Место продажи

The system of TS first appeared in the Czech Republic in 1997. Now they are spread throughout the Europe and US and its' recognizable name continue to expand through the world.


Gifts for the collection

After collecting ten consecutive numbered TS (1-10, 11-20, etc.), you will receive a gift - so-called Premium Tourist Stamp (different for each tens). Each Premium TS will introduce you already abandoned or demolished previously famous places. To get the Premium TS you will need to collect numbered coupons of TS, and send them to the address of OOO "Marka Turista", 346400, Russia, Novocherkassk, POBox 12. Read more here.